Marketing, intelligent branding and business development are all key to a successful business. 

Frequently resources such as social platforms and websites are neglected at busy times and then panic ensues when they are needed as business development tools during quieter moments. All businesses aim to have a steady flow of projects but in Interiors, the trend is much more often one of spikes and troughs. Good Marketing is key to stabilising that pattern, but it can be difficult to keep on top of the constant demands of marketing and branding.

I found that in many cases paying a full-time member of staff is an expensive outlay which is often unnecessary, as it can be very effectively done on a contract basis. A consultant who isn’t involved in the day to the day minutiae of the company can look at every element critically from the perspective of a potential client, or a publicist. My breadth of experience across the industry gives me the knowledge and skills to offer this service.

My fees are tailored to each project, I can be brought in on a monthly retainer or on a per diem basis. We would sit down and discuss your needs, budget and time frame to build a bespoke solution to accommodate your individual requirements. To set up a meeting to discuss your needs please contact me.