Ideas based marketing:

Ideas based marketing

Marketing strategy need not be scary, especially if you know what is going on in the industry. But, in such a competitive market, it is essential to have a handle on your marketing to make sure that you are as visible and present as possible as it is very easy to slip off the radar. 

Ideas based marketing is a hands on proactive approach seated in knowing the market intimately and forecasting trends and consumer interests. I don’t use buzzwords or befuddule you with fancy terms, I have learnt my trade as boots on the ground and will give you simple, practical and applicable advice. I can work with you on all aspects of your marketing calendar; projecting new launches, collaborations, events, social plans and collateral drops.

Get your team involved: Opening a new showroom or need to inject some energy into your team?

After running luxury furniture showrooms in both Harrods and on the Kings Road in London for many years, I can help your team merchandise their showroom, solidify their contact lists, and interact with clients in an efficient and endearing manner focusing on client retention through exceptional service.

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