Marketing, PR + Sales Collateral

Marketing and PR:

Through analysis of your customer base, business style and price point I can help you clarify the most useful avenues in which to ‘advertise’ your business with specific suggestions as to publications, periodicals, supplements, brand alliances and influencers you should be targeting.

Finding the right representation and making sure it is a productive return on cost is a time consuming and difficult operation and it is worth doing it properly. I can find PR representation that will align well with your brand.

Sales Collateral:

This is a huge part of any designer’s business wether in a retail or a client facing capacity; often these are sent out before you meet the client face to face. First impressions count, and a strong portfolio is the best opportunity to impress a potential client. You need to clearly and eloquently show your brand, your style, the quality of your finishes and your personality. Thinking about who your client is and tailoring the portfolio to them is essential. I can help you create a collection of portfolios, z cards and brochures which are clear, concise and targeted allowing you to show the most impressive elements of the business to potential clients.