Special Projects, Introductions + Events

Often there are special projects which would benefit a brand, but there aren’t the resources or the time to give them proper attention.

From events and exhibitions to limited edition product runs and publications, I can be on hand to streamline and execute your special projects with minimum fuss and maximum impact. The design, planning and implementation of marketing and event collateral is all done in house.

Planning, hosting and executing events:

Hosting events and shows can be a time consuming and overwhelming task, but the return can be enormous – not just as a PR opportunity but as an avenue to build useful connections and your industry profile.

Over the last 8 years I have run numerous events from huge showroom summer parties at The Rug Company in Chelsea for 450 guests, to low budget garden and dinner parties where funds are tight but impact and wow factor have to be high. I can assist with the logistics, suppliers and running of the evening, going as far as to provide hosting for the event where required.

I can also manage the logistics and implementation of stands for design week festivals and help orchestrate talks in showrooms to enhance visibility and reputation, all of which will encourage business growth.

Attending events and introductions:

Events can be a daunting situation, but they are an essential part of networking and business development. Having someone with good contacts and a solid grasp on the industry to usher you though an event can take the weight off and allow you to build contact and client bases without pressure…you may even find yourself having fun. Never underestimate how often clients ask for recommendations on designers from their suppliers, so even attending a showroom event can help you build your client base.

With nearly a decade in the design industry, eight years of that in London, I have built up a solid contact list of designers and suppliers and industry professionals many of whom have become good friends. I can help you connect with contacts that will help shape your business, from interior designers to the best suppliers and people ‘in the know’.