Concise content and Copywriting: Websites, Social and Collateral

Image heavy sites, the behemoth that is social media, and the volume of collateral flooding the market mean any text needs to be immediately engaging to effectively drive business. Whether I write your copy in house, or work with content writers directly linked to big publications, I can help you cement your brand story and press releases. With huge competition in the industry, consider that your clients need to be romanced; they aren’t just investing in a scheme – they are investing in the brand, its people and its values – so your message needs to be clear and consistent.

Branding and Identity:

We all know a solid identity has a huge impact on the success of a brand, but it can be hard to keep it consistent. People are more likely to engage with a business that has recognisable and confident brand identity, and I can work with you to establish this for your brand or studio. This includes identifying a tone and feel for your brand and helping you pinpoint your values and USP’s which solidify into the creation of logos, marketing collateral and stationery.

Websites & Sales Collateral:

This is a huge part of any designer’s business whether in a retail or a client facing capacity; often these are sent out or seen before you meet the client face to face. First impressions count, and a strong website and portfolio is the best opportunity to impress a potential client. You need to clearly and eloquently show your brand, your design style, the quality of your work and your personality. Thinking about who your client is and tailoring the look of both your website and portfolio to them is essential.

I can help you create this strong initial impression and increase your customer retention through designing/updating the look and feel of your website (either from scratch with the help of one of my developers or updating and maintaining an existing wireframe). I can also work with you to create a strong deck of portfolios, z cards and brochures which are clear, concise and targeted allowing you to show off the most impressive elements of the business to potential clients.

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