Working in the Luxury design industry in London for over 10 years I have built up significant experience and a strong network of contacts in both the retailing and the design of luxury interiors, with a particular focus on driving business and increasing visibility.

Born in Kenya and educated at Edinburgh College of Art, with a degree in Fashion and Visual Communication, I really begun my career working for an Art Gallery and Archive in Edinburgh for Richard Demarco, in the eponymous gallery. I then met Chris Sharp, founder of the Rug Company, in 2011 and he offered the opportunity to move to London and help him with the establishment and growth of The Rug Company concession in Harrods. I spent two years using the concession as a training ground for sales techniques, clientelling and dealing with high net worth individuals. In 2013 I went on to run their flagship showroom in Chelsea and head up the sales team. Over the next two years I worked to transform the showroom into a prominent hub on the CDQ strip. Through fabulous events, extensive networking and tenacious cross-pollination I established the showroom as a forerunner in the industry, manned by a great team of expert staff. After some six years with the Rug Company, I left to explore the Marketing and Business side of creative industries.

Towards the end of 2016 I joined the effervescent Tim Gosling and his team, managing the Business and Marketing requirements of his bespoke furniture and Interior Design company, tasked with updating and redesigning all branding and marketing to encourage new business and an improved industry profile. This involved organising events, developing client relationships, streamlining operations and budgets to improve sales performances. 

From there I moved to Barlow & Barlow, a young and vibrant studio with its roots in classicism and maximalism, taking on the management of the Interiors Studio and its projects and all marketing aspects of the business. This included designing branding, organising and styling all project photography and promotional material, a complete re-design and re-build of the B&B website and managing the product development arm of the business to encourage lateral growth.

After working for one major and two smaller design companies, it became clear how absolutely key marketing is to business development in the Interiors Industry; as well as being the primary outreach tool, it is an essential for planning ahead, stabilising cash flow and promoting a cohesive and seductive studio/brand to which customers respond and want to be part of.  Across my network of contacts I continually found that while many Design studios saw the need for a Marketing and Business Manager, engaging someone full time was a placing a very real strain on their budget. I realised that having a consultant who isn’t involved in the day to day management of the company can bring a clearer and unbiased eye with a more productive outcome. 

In 2018 I launched my Business, Brand and Marketing consultancy. Using my experience across the industry I now have the opportunity to work with brands I admire in a way that fits around their budget and schedule to implement the cleanest, most concise and communicative marketing experience.

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